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What is EPSA?

‘EPSA’ stands for Ethics, Privacy, and Societal Acceptability. These are three key areas in which organisations should reflect on their performance.

Ethics, in this context, is about acting with integrity, honestly, and with care for not only what you are doing but how you are doing it.

Privacy is about ensuring that people’s data is processed fairly and in accordance with data protection regulations.

Societal acceptability is about ensuring that the societal impact of your activities has been thought through, is overall positive, and that risks are suitably identified, mitigated, and managed.

Ethics, Privacy, Societal Acceptability

Whatever your field or project, whatever your size, your stakeholders are watching. Socially responsible organisations know this. They strive for excellence and long-term sustainability. But sustainability is about more than what you do: it’s about how you do it.

We help our clients build ethics into their organisational ethos by reflecting on the impact of what they do and setting up a framework – strategies, procedures, and tools – through which they maximise the positive consequences of their decisions and actions, and minimise the negative consequences.

Our EPSA Management Service offers:

  • Annual ethics and data protection impact assessments.
  • Ongoing support on GDPR compliance and data management.
  • A framework for day-to-day management of risks in ethics and privacy, fitted to your specific activities and capacities.
  • A framework for social responsibility, working to ISO 26000 guidance.
  • Annual reporting to stakeholders, based on personalised performance indicators.

The three steps to social responsibility

Step 1

Map out the impact (positive and negative) of your activities and the ethics and privacy risks you are exposed to.

Step 2

Develop a strategy and implement a workplan to optimise your impact and manage your risks.

Step 3

Reflect on what you’ve achieved, where you’ve fallen short, and how to improve. Report this transparently to your stakeholders. 

Our tailored approach gives the perfect fit

Every organisation is different and every team has its own needs and capacities. If you choose to work with us, we adapt to you. We won’t be recommending that you radically restructure. We provide practical, achievable steps to improve EPSA performance. Our goal is to make EPSA management as simple as it can be for you.

Our EPSA Management Service is structured as cycle of activity across a one-year period. The cycle and the period are fixed. But how much additional support we offer at each stage is flexible – it can be adapted to your requirements. We prepare for you a non-disruptive, simple-to-implement plan that is tailored to your activities. And we are always here when you need us.

Social responsibility, ethics, and compliance are never ‘finished’. Year on year, as best practices become embedded in your organisation, the process becomes natural and your reputation blossoms.

Transparent reporting builds trust

Reporting is a critical part of the EPSA management process. In developing your framework, we build in processes for monitoring personalised performance indicators. These show your progress in implementing the framework.

Based on these indicators, we prepare the report for you: a professionally designed document that we recommend you make available to key stakeholders and the public. You are not obliged to make it public, but there are clear benefits to doing so.

  • Transparent reporting demonstrates to stakeholders your commitment to social responsibility;
  • Honest reporting of progress, as well as challenges and areas for improvement, demonstrates trustworthiness;
  • A stated commitment to reporting progress is motivational.

Get in contact

The best way to find out about how you, specifically, can benefit from our EPSA Management Service is to get in contact with us. With a little more information about your organisation, we can offer a more precise description of how EPSA management can support your organisation and the next steps to take.

We are happy to discuss your plans before
providing a quote.


Advice on demand

We provide consultancy on a range of topics in ethics, privacy, and societal acceptability.

  • Data protection, GDPR, and e-Privacy compliance
  • Data protection by design and default
  • Data protection impact assessment
  • Ethics impact assessment
  • Research ethics coordination
  • Project or proposal ethics reviews
  • Group training or one-on-one coaching

Research support

We are frequent and active participants in a variety of
research areas, bringing expertise in research ethics,
privacy, and data management.

Ethics management

We manage ethics requirements from proposal to project close, supporting partners in identifying requirements for technology design, development, testing, and validation. Based on an ethics impact assessment methodology, we develop the project Ethics Management Plan, which outlines the steps necessary for compliance with ethics requirements. We also convene and chair the project Ethics Advisory Board.

Privacy and data management

We ensure that projects comply with GDPR and other EU and national data protection legislation. We identify and advise on specific requirements (such as processing of health or other special categories of data, transfers to third countries, facilitation of data subject rights, etc.). We produce the project Data Management Plan, with sensitivity to FAIR data management principles, open access requirements, and protection of personal data.

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